Follow the Lead of Others to Fitness & Performance

Do you know the story of Roger Bannister?

If you’re in track in field, running or follow sports you’ll know who he is.

He’s the guy who in 1955 broke the 4 minute mile for the first time. Ever.

Prior to that there were a number of runners around the world that were all flirting with this standard, coming close, but never succeeeding in going below 4 minutes.

In fact in 1952 Bannister had a disappointing result at the Olympics and considered quitting running altogether. It’s a good thing he didn’t quit, persevered and eventually broke the barrier everyone had deemed untouchable.

But as cool as this milestone was in sport and track field I find one other fact even more interesting.

And that’s that after Bannister went under 4 minutes for the first time ever, 11 other runners accomplished the same feat in ’54 after Bannister showed that it was possible. (this last part I recall from an article…feel free to correct me if needed)

For almost 12 years the world record sat 2 seconds above 4 minutes. Then one guy shows it’s possible and 11 others follow.

Since then the record has been lowered more than another 16 seconds.

So what does this story have to do with you?

Well it should impress upon you that wherever you are at there is still untapped potential. You can be even greater than your current situation.

Can you deadlift 400 lbs? Great. But you can definitely do better.

Have you lost 30 lbs? That’s awesome if you have but look to the next level.

Can you run a sub 4 minute mile? No. Well how close can you get?

Because there are 2 things that will allow you to have amazing success in fitness, performance and pretty much anything for that matter.

And it’s not buying a gym membership. Or buying top quality nutritious food. Or investing in self help books and cds.

It comes down to:

1. Taking immediate action.

2. Believing it will happen.

And these 2 conditions are inseparable.

Because there are words for people who separate these 2 conditions.

Want to know what they are?

If you take action but don’t believe then you’re a whiner, a complainer or a wuss. Hey, that might sound a bit harsh but if you’re honest with yourself you’ll have to agree.

And if you’re someone who believes but takes no action then you’re a dreamer. And no accomplishments were achieved or records set if all you ever do is think about things but do nothing about it.

So what’s the next step?

1. Write out what it is what you want to achieve? Is it a weight loss goal? Or a strength goal? Maybe it relates to performance?

Whatever it is don’t sell yourself short. Go for it.

2. Take action. Get started now.

Mondays are like news years days every week. But why wait for new years?

Because here’s the truth of the matter….

You will get 100% better results by putting serious effort into a goal you believe in today even with the wrong approach than to delay or put in half-hearted efforts with best approach.

So look to the success of others to see that it is possible.

Too often we blame our situation, our genetics, our friends and family for not achieving greatness.

All it takes is to find one person who has run that ‘4 minute mile’ to know that it is possible.

Once you believe it is possible and work hard to achieving it greatness will follow.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                     ‘always moving forward’

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