Spotlight on Jarrod Thalheimer

Every now and again I am impressed and pleased with the results our clients achieve. Don’t get me wrong I feel this way with every success that is realized by someone we work with. But sometimes I feel compelled to share this person’s story with you.

Jarrod started training with us in the fall. I’d known Jarrod for a number of years and thought I knew the guy.

You see Jarrod and I went to high school together. And we played high school basketball together. We went to and still go to the same church.

So when Jarrod started training with us I thought I knew his story. But before I get to his story let me tell you a little more about Jarrod’s results.

The Results

  September 28 Now
Weight (lbs) 218 201
Arm (cm) 36 33
Leg (cm) 65 62
Chest (cm) 108 103
Waist (cm) 104 94
Bodyfat (%) 23.3 20.7

So in the space of a couple of month’s Jarrod has:

* dropped 17 lbs of fat

* decreased bodyfat 2.6%

* decreased his tape measures by 24 cm (that’s a whole foot less of Jarrod!)

Now here’s the really cool part.

Jarrod had been stuck at 225 lbs for quite some time. He had plateau’ed. His efforts were still there. His motivation was as great as ever. But he was stuck.

So he came to us.

Now I can help anyone lose weight. That’s not hard.

The hard part is fixing someone’s movement patterns. And eliminating someone’s joint pain. And introducing them to new lifts when the goal is weight loss.

And these challenges were all things Jarrod experienced during the process of realizing his goal. He came in to sessions tight and sore afte we activated muscles that had been taking it easy for too long.

He continued to believe in the process even when initially the scale didn’t budge. You see Jarrod hadn’t been doing much in the way of squats, deadlifts and presses. And as he started doing these lifts he got stronger he built more muscle.

And so while we were burning calories and fat he was also building muscle.

But he trusted in the process and stayed the course.

And then he turned a corner. He started to become more flexible. His range of motion improved. His fitness improved. And his strength improved.

The Payoff

And lastly the scale dropped.

And Jarrod is now at the cusp at being the lighest he has been since highschool (over 20+ years). Only he now has broader shoulders. And moves better. And can pull 225 lbs deadlifts with ease. And competes in men’s league basketball.

The Man Behind it All

So who is this Jarrod guy? How can this happen for him?

He must have loads of free time and unlimited resources to achieve this?

Or he must have not other demands or commitments that stand in the way of achieving all of his results?

Far from it!

First of all Jarrod is married. And so he has all of the obligations and responsibities that come with this commitment.

But many of us are married. Few have 5 kids.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jarrod has 5 kids between the ages of 3 and 11.

And Jarrod is also a writer. You may recognize his work in a variety of parenting magazines or websites, some advertising reviews, his column on or maybe you’ve flipped through his book, Ad Fool: Truth in Lies, on the desk at the gym.

Can there be more?

Only if you consider serving as Chairman of the local school board as being more. To the order of 15 hours per week of volunteer work.

But here’s the kicker.

Why He Succeeded

The guy is always on time. He doesn’t complain. He does what you ask. He comes in on his off-days for Group Fitness Workouts. He follows the meals plan and journals what he eats.

In other words we set Jarrod up to make success inevitable.

It didn’t happen in the first week or two.

And it wasn’t without some hard work and sacrifice.

But at this morning’s session Jarrod summed it up best when he said he enjoyed the Christmas holidays because ‘he now knows what  his body will allow in terms of nutrition and calories as well as what it requires in terms of exercise’.

And it’s at this point that greater gains continue to come. But the really cool part is that they seem to come more easily now as well.

Congratulations Jarrod. We’re all proud of your succcess and feel privileged to be able to work with you.


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