Fitness on Vacation in New York City

Do you ever notice when you make your best gains from your fitness training? Usually this happens when we have the right combination of training schedule, meals and sleep.

And none of these things are left to chance. We have certain times and places when we know we will be training. We know what we are doing on those days. We may have a training partner. And we know to not let other things get in the way of our training.

Likewise with our meals we have success when we prepare ahead of time. We need to make the effort to have quality food at home. There needs to be some time to prepare nutritious meals and snacks. And this allows us to be better able to resist quick fixes which sabbotage our efforts.

And lastly we need to get optimal, quality sleep to recover and get stonger from one training session to the next.

But what happens when we travel?

We don’t have our training partner unless you travel with them.

You don’t have access to your kitchen, your supermarket and the containers to store and pack your meals.

Lastly you don’t have access to your bed. Plus the sounds are different. The level of darkness and temperature are different. And you may be on a different sleep schedule as a result of a time zone change.

Sounds pretty hopeless, doesn’t it? Although travel is an amazing thing it might be stressful for some that have finally enjoyed success from their training efforts.

Here’s what I’m doing to ensure that I’ll stay as close to the plan while on vacation in NYC.

Step 1 – Research ahead of time

Nowadays you can quickly research anything online from accomodations, to restaurants in your area, whether the hotel has a gym or a pool as well as what there are in terms of parks and other facilities.

Once you know what you like and need you can quickly and easily narrow down your searches. tripadvisor and yelp are a couple of sites that provide reviews which may be useful.

Step #2 – Don’t forget your Rx

Want to pick up some fruit, nuts, yogurt or a ready to drink shake for the room? Great idea. But some hotels don’t have fridges in every room.

And others want to charge you for requesting one. Unless you have a prescription which needs to be kept cool. So don’t forget that Rx and make sure to request a fridge for the room.

Step #3 – Have a plan but be flexible

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘failure to plan is planning to fail’. When you go on vacation you need to have a lifting plan. And an indoor energy system workout. And an outdoor energy sytem workout.

We’re staying right beside Central Park. So I know where I can run some sprints or intervals if I can’t make it to the gym. And I’ll make sure to pack some light tubing and bands in case option 1 and 2 fall through. Lastly, I’ll pack my suit and goggles for a few laps in the pool.

Step 4 – Get a quiet room

I don’t know what to expect from Manhattan but I’m sure it will be noisier than our home in Kelowna. So I’ll request a room on a higher floor. Away from the elevator. And opposite the noisy side of the street.

This may sound like a little bit much but it just shows how much I value my sleep.

Bonus tip 5 – Ask for an upgrade

It never hurts to ask. Even if you have to pay you may end up with a higher level, larger room, the fridge for your prescriptions and possibly breakfast each morning.


Many have trouble achieving success with their fitness training due to the difficuly in establishing all the healthy habits which ensure success. Then when you go on vacation all of these habits can be disrupted. So make sure to apply these tips before your next trip to minimize the disruptions and come home as fit as when you left. But with some great memories to take with you.


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  1. Mary says:

    Hey Chris! Its great that youre able to get away to New York! I wish we were going with you! A couple places I would recommend: La Bonne Soupe, 48 West 55th Street Its a great little restaurant that Rob’ sister suggested for us when we went, the food is really good, and the menu is printed every day with different specials, and its not too pricey. Its not very big and its busy so you might have to wait if youre there for lunch but its worth it. If youre doing any shopping, Century 21 is like the Winners of New York, there are a couple of locations but we went to the one that is down near the World Trade Centre Site. Have fun!!

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