Pull the Plane Training Session

There are a few things Okanagan Peak Performance is synonomous. And these include physical feats, strong women and helping others. So when we were approached about sponsoring a team for the United Way’s Plane Pull Challenge it was a no-brainer.

But we’re not just sponsoring any team. We’re sponsoring a team made up 100% of women.

And these women will probably be the only all-female team pulling a plane down the tarmac. I know they will put some of the men’s teams to shame. I already know what Jordy and Megan can do on the weightroom floor and they don’t ease up for anyone in competition.

But this event is for charity and we need your help.

The team needs to raise $750 as an entry fee. So here’s what Okanagan Peak Performance is going to do.

We’re going to run a Pull the Plane Training Session at our facility on Saturday April 14, 2011 with a mimimum $20 donation. We will run two training sessions at 11 am and another at 1230 pm with a goal of having 20 people out for each session.

40 people get an awesome workout.

The United Way collects a $800 donation for the entry fee.

We get to have fun working your butt off!

Everybody wins!

Here are all the details.

Date Saturday April 14, 2012
Times 11:00 AM-12:00 PM and 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Location Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. #123-1511 Sutherland Ave.
What to bring Indoor athletic shoes, comfortable workout wear, water bottle, min $20 donation


5X Bonus – We want to throw something else in for you to make this day a little more memorable. Take your donation to the United Way and times it by 5. We will credit this much towards a membership for you on Saturday April 14, 2012 should you sign up that day. For example, donate $30 and we’ll take $150 off your first month’s dues.

5X fine print

valid for new clients only

credit cannot exceed value of membership

valid only on April 14, 2012

Your Job

I want to sell this out before the 14th rolls around. To do that we need everyone of our current training clients to find 5-10 friends that would benefit from one of our training sessions. Then make sure to send them the link to this page for all the details. Who knows? If we get 60 people wanting to make donation and get in a top level training session I will stay late on a Saturday and run a third session.

Now get to it!

Thanks for your help.


ps…even if you can’t make it for the training session on the 14th make sure to come out and support the girls on the May 11th. Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is a sponsor of this event and will be onsite leading warm-ups for all the teams


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3 Responses to Pull the Plane Training Session

  1. Anny says:

    Hey Chris,

    I am out of town on April 14th but would love to participate! Happy to donate the $20.00 bucks too!!!!!
    Will see how I can help this aft.


  2. Jan says:

    Would love to support this charity event (and do what i can to support Sandra Mowat the world’s most amazing RMT!). How can i donate?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jan: I’m sure the United Way will be accepting donations on Friday at the event.

      Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

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