8 Week 10 K Running Clinic

Starting next Monday August 13 Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is proud to present its 8 Week 10 K Running Clinic. So what brought this about? Well there are lots of people who start running programs. And fewer complete them. And fewer stay injury free. And fewer get faster over the years.

Are you one of these people?

Have you given running a shot in the past? Have you suffered an injury? Or found that the time you needed to invest to running became too great?

Chances are you may have answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions.

So we created the 8 Week 10 K Running Clinic – The efficient, pain-free way to running your best 10 K. Here’s what’s included.

1. Complementary Gym Based Workouts

Have you ever noticed people either lift or they run? But they don’t do both. But to have the best health we need both muscular strength and a well developed cardiovascular system.

And since these two types of training are often separate we tend to fall short of our full potential.

Or we see people make the effort to incorporate resistance training with their run program and they select exercises like leg presses, leg extensions and leg curls. Sure these are lower body exercises, which should be beneficial for running but definitely not your best choice.

We’ll show how to do better exercises specific to running.

2. Efficient Run Programs

If you’ve tried running in the past you’ve noticed there is a time commitment required. And the more you run the more time you need to invest.

I remember reading in Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes that if a women in her 20’s runs 3 miles per day, she will have to run 15 miles per day in her 40’s to keep the same level of fitness.

Kind of depressing, isn’t it?

Put it this way…imagine if your boss told you that in 20 years you’ll have to work 5 times as much to get the same return for your efforts. i don’t know about you but I’d throw in the towel.

We’ve got the program dialed in that shows you how to run more, with less running.

3. Get Faster –

Are you watching the Olympics? If so, did you see Usain Bolt run the 100 m final? Just amazing.

And here’s the thing.

The shorter the distance the faster the speed. And this doesn’t help when we consider that most ‘learn to run’ programs have you gradually increase your distance. But more distance means less speed.

We’ve got the program that makes you faster.

4. Run With Others

Training is always more in a group. That’s part of the reason our Tough Mudder teams kicked butt was because of the specialized training and being able to train with others.

Running is one of those programs that helps to have someone to train with. You have someone to push. And someone to hold you accountable. And someone to experience all of the benefits that come with training.

While this program does have limited spaces available there is a great chance to meet some new training partners.

Ready to get started? Here are the details.

Monday August 13 to Friday October 5 (10 K race on October 7)

6:00-7:30 pm

Performance training shirt

Bonus seminar ‘Pre-race Strategies’

Current OPP training clients can register for $47 which covers the cost of the performance shirt and seminar. New clients can register for $147.

Are you ready to get faster and fitter?

Sign up today!



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  1. Dov Schafer says:

    great concept! bravo Chris

  2. Matt says:

    Really excited to have the opportunity to run this great program!! Looking forward to seeing some of you guys out there! Set a goal, bring a friend, and get ready to have some fun!

    Matt @ OPP

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