Nutritional Myths Seminar Recap

Tuesday a number of our clients, friends and family gathered at the facility for some beer, chocolate, wine & cheese and handed out some door prizes.

Oh yeah, there was also a nutritional seminar going on as well.

Oh yeah, there was also a nutritional seminar going on as well.

But we really wanted to make this a fun experience for everyone hence the food, drink and prizes. So if you missed out on this one for whatever reason don’t worry. There will be more.

 And along those lines let me know what topics are of interest to you. What would you like to learn more about? I polled some of our clients the following morning and here’s what they said:

* Nutrient Timing

* Product Labelling

* Intermittent Fasting

* A Review of Different Types of Diets

I like this list. If anything else comes to mind let me know.

But as for last Tuesday the topic was Nutritional Myths and some of the sub-topics included:

1.  Exercise is an Effective Weight Loss Tool

 I went through a number of research studies that have shown what happens when you diet, or diet with exercise or just exercise. The point was really nailed home and we actually were able to quanify how much more important nutrition is than exercise.

2. Chocolate is Good for You

 We hear that chocolate is healthy and that’s ok to eat a small amount daily. Is this true? What types of chocolate are we talking about? As well I spent some time going over chocolate milk as a post-workout recovery drink. Again we examined the research to see how it stands up compared to a commercial protein supplement.

3. Don’t Eat Soy

At first not many were eating this food. Then is became popular. Then there was a backlash as to the concern regarding phytoestrogen consumption. So I spent some time going over what the current prevailing opinion is regarding soy.

4.  Healthy Eating is Expensive

We are all encouraged to eat healthily. But this can get expensive. Is this true? Is it actually more exensive to eat well? I went over a number  of examples that show how healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. As well, I pointed out a number of foods where it just isn’t worth the extra expense to buy organic food.

5. Cals in = Cals out

We’ve all heard this statement before. I just need to eat fewer calories. Or I just need to burn more calories. Or maybe I need to do both.

Rather than continue this way of thinking I showed how these statements can cause us to run into problems. It’s not as simple as calories equals calories out. There are many factors at play and in some cases the math just doesn’t add up.


Hopefully at the end the attendees were thoroughly convinced of the points I presented. There were some great questions to clarify certain topics which added to the discussion. And in the end it helps us all look a more closely at the decisions we make daily regarding our nutrition.

Lastly, congrats to our door prize winners Sue Gorges, Lia Sambrielaz, Sandra Mowat, Amy Desautels and Ben Kendel.


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