Top 5 Tips for Running Hills or Stairs

A number of things have changed for me since I was in university.

1. I was able to train, eat, supplement and made pretty good gains. Every now and again I managed to make it to class or lab in order to graduate.

2. I used to have an intact ACL which I tore playing basketball. I caught a fast break pass and planted on my right leg in full sprint to finish the lay up. The defender put his foot on right knee while I was planted on this leg and made a flamingo out of me. Not fun!

3. My metabolism, endocrine system and ability to recover were all at maximum levels. At that point in my life the level of muscle building substances were all highs. And my body’s ability to come back from a tough workout or injury was quicker than it is today.

But life changes and we must adapt.

And with that in mind I’ve put together a short video on running hills or stairs. In it I give you a number of benefits to these types of workouts that work well for:

* people with lower extremity joint injuries
* people who don’t have a lot of time to workout
* people who want to increase their power production and get faster

So sit back and enjoy the video. It’s shot from Diamond Head crater in Honolulu.

All the best.

Chris ‘always moving forward’

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