Top 6 Fitness Tips for the Road Warrior

Do you travel? If so is it for work or pleasure?

How many times a year are you travelling? How long would each trip last?

The truth is that we’re creatures of habit. And when we’re home and we have access to our training facility, kitchen, equipment, fitness professional, training partner or anything else that factors into our fitness routine things go well and we get results.

But then we head away from home and all of the features described above are disrupted.

So how do you keep moving forward when on the road? How do you ensure progress even when the process is disrupted?

First you need to identify all of the essential elements involved in attaining the best results possible. These would include:

Road Warrior Necessity #1 – Training Apparel

You need to make sure you bring clothing and footwear to allow you to continue with your workouts. Pack as well gear that you don’t normally need at home. This might include a bathing suit or a light jacket for an outdoor workout. You might not swim that often at home and always train indoors but it’s best to come prepared for all elements and options on the road.

Road Warrior Necessity #2 – Training Gear

Obviously I’m not talking about packing dumbbells, kettlebells or iron in your suitcase. But you can very easily fit a band, some tubing and a jump rope in your bag without taking up any space or weight. Again it may not be what you normally do at home in terms of a workout but that’s the whole point, you’re not at home so it will be a different workout.

Road Warrior Necessity #3 – Multiple Programs

When at home it’s best to stick to a structured and planned program. On the road you may not have access to a gym. Or the weather may not be favourable to a run or outdoor workout. Or your schedule may be so jam packed you don’t have the same amount of time for the full workout you normally would do.

For each of these situations you need to have alternate plans in place. This way you can still get in a quality workout and not opt out because one condition from your home arrangement was not satisfied.

Road Warrior Necessity #4 – Know How You Will Eat

There’s nothing worse than hearing of a client sabotage their own efforts because they didn’t eat quality nutrition while they were away. Yes I am aware I didn’t say quantity.

What typically happens is that we don’t have access to a kitchen. And we don’t have a fridge to store our food. And hotel restaurants aren’t generally designed to satisfy your fitness efforts.

So the solution ends up becoming room service, take out and meeting colleagues at lounges for a snack and a beverage.

Put some thought into where you’ll be staying. What does the room have for amenities and the neighbourhood for meal options?

Road Warrior Necessity #5 – Maintain Your Sleep

Different time zones. Longer days. Different beds and sleeping arrangements can all disrupt your sleep.

Disrupted sleep leaves you tired. Then you are less likely to workout. And you’ll opt for quick carbs and caffeine to make it through appointments and meetings. Which further disrupts your sleep.

Ensure your sleep stays consistent and give yourself a fighting chance with the other elements of your health and fitness.

Road Warrior Necessity #6 – Be Accountable

It’s very easy to make side deals with yourself. Especially if no one else is around.

‘I’ll sleep in a little longer and workout twice as hard tomorrow’.

This never works, does it? Instead of making side deals continue to record and log your workouts. Text your training partner back home to see what they did. Email your workout to your strength and conditioning specialist. Post your workout as your status on FB.

All of these things help keep you accountable. And you’ll find there will be support and feedback that come back to you when you do.


This gives you 6 things to plan for ahead of your travels to keep your training on track.

But there was another aspect I mentioned at the start. And this is to identify your weakest link and to prioritize this.

What will be your biggest challenge to maintaining your training while you travel?

* Will it be access to training centers and equipment?

* Will it be time to get in a training session?

* Will it be access to quality nutrition at regular intervals?

* Will it be finding the motivation to keep up the intensity and frequency you do at home?

* Will it be maintaining a regular sleep schedule?

* Something else?

Your job

In the comments section below tell me the number one problem you face with regards to your training, nutrition and rest when you hit the road.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                   ‘always moving forward’

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4 Responses to Top 6 Fitness Tips for the Road Warrior

  1. Jim McK says:

    Great post Chris, definetely the largest obstacles for me is 1) Eating well – this is generally due to comprimising on venues with colleauges (conferrence banquets etc..) and time. 2) as you mentioned, sleep is the second challenge, its crazy where they put some hotels (near a train yard/ beside a 24hr drive through). i find the workout the easiest part to get done, but you need to have 2 or three solid options at your disposal (most hotels have stairs, and even some have better than average gyms).
    Best – Jim

    • Chris says:

      Great feedback Jim. I’ll put something together that addresses these problems for you.

      All the best.

      Chris ‘always moving forward’

  2. Steve says:

    Oh the greatest food obstacle — that’s easy, In-N-Out burger!! 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Steve: I’m with you on the In-N-Out challenge. But there is a solution to this.

      Stay tuned.

      Chris ‘always moving forward’

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