5 Common Fitness Training Mistakes

I went and saw the movie Moneyball the other night. If you’re thinking about going you should definitely check it out.

Maybe you’re a basefall fan. Or maybe you’re entrepreneurial and like business. Or maybe you like Brad Pitt (hello Megan). Whatever your reason, it’s a good show.

A couple of lines stuck  with me from this show. One was how they compare it to ‘card counting for baseball’. But I think Brad Pitt had the best line when he said something to the effect of:

‘If your opponent is making mistakes, don’t interrupt him’.

This made me think of fitness, training and seeing people going to the gym to train. Yeah my mind wanders like that.

Anyways, usually if I’m at a gym and see people don’t things short of hurting themselves I won’t intervene.


Because gyms are the last place where unsolicited advice is well received.

Think about it.

Picture yourself at the gym giving your best effort. You’re keeping to yourself and following your training program. But then somebody, who doesn’t work at the gym, walks over and starts to give you some advice.

And now let’s say that this person is not the model of health and fitness. And that they aren’t training very intensely themselves. And they didn’t ask if you wanted their help.

How receptive would you be to this advice?

If it was me, probably not very. And I don’t think that’s different from most people.

So I’ll use this opportunity to interrupt your training  to give you 5 Common Fitness Training Mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Too Casual with Nutrition

If you’re not achieving your goal there is something you can improve with your nutrition.

I put this statement in bold to burn it into your memory. You cannot train yourself out of a bad nutritional plan. Meaning you cannot rationalize poor nutritional habits with the efforts of your training.

If you are someone who is already making repeated and intense efforts with your training as well as getting 8 hours of sleep every night than the weak link if pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Mistake #2 – Not Intense Enough

Lots of people go the gym. But few lift as intensely as is safely possible for them.

I’ve written previously before about lifting until technical failure. But if you complete your set and your breathing hasn’t changed that’s not good enough. Or you could have completed another 5 or 10 reps. Or you are able to perform another set of the same in less than 30 seconds than the intensity of your training is lacking.

Mistake #3 – Not Fast Enough

Earlier in the week I wrote about the different types of movement from walking through to sprinting.

When was the last time you sprinted?

It’s a different beast. Most people can walk. Some can jog. Few will run. Almost nobody sprints.

Mistake #4 – Not Mentally Committed

I want to come back to the quote of a few weeks ago:

‘Are we here to win? If not, let’s go home’.

Too many people go through the motions. They don’t psych themselves up for their efforts.

Guess what? Efforts that follow a distracted mind are sub-par efforts. It doesn’t matter your level. You need to approach your hardest working sets with the attitude that ‘I’m going to win and achieve my goal’.

Mistake #5 – Too Long

The longer you train, the less intensely you train.

I don’t mean for you to cut corners. And I’m not suggesting you get sloppy with technique. Or skip your cool down and stretch.

But don’t waste time. Go when you’re ready. In the words of famed basketball coach John Wooden ‘hurry but don’t rush’.


I hope that if you were making any of these mistakes you’ll forgive me interupting your training. But by doing so hopefully I’ll save you some time, help you train more safely and get you better results, sooner.

All the best,

Chris                                                                                                                                                                                    okanaganpeakperformance.com

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  1. Anny says:

    Excellent Blog Chris! I have needed a kick in the pants to get back on track. I am notorious at certain times of the year for putting work first and my training/weight loss goals second – when really, if I concentrated more on the opposite – I would achieve both my goals instead of just one. Thank you very much for the “interuption” I really needed it!!!

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