3 Conditions for Every Workout

So we’re into the second half of 2011. We’ve celebrated all the North American independence days and summer is in full swing.

Are you where you want to be?

Have you lost 1/2 the weight you wanted to this year?

Or are you half way to your strength goal?

How’s the rehab on that injury coming along?


Regardless of what it is we want to achieve we have to:
* know what we want
* know the steps that will get us to that goal
* make time for putting these steps into action

Because let’s face it.

We all have goals and dreams. There exists an idealized version of ourselves that we’d like to become. Or maybe we’ve been this person before and would like to get reaquainted with our former self.

So knowing what we want usually isn’t the problem.

Instead it’s knowing the steps to get there and then making this a priority in our life.

Step inside most gyms and you’ll see this to be true. Many members are like lemmings following someone else from machine to machine with no real thought or purpose.

And to me this is sad.

Because it tells me this person has a particular goal in mind. They want to achieve something.

Maybe they want to lose 20 pounds to feel comfortable when going to the beach.

Or they may have a big trip planned that involves a lot of activity and they want to make sure they can experience it to the fullest.

Whatever it is they are working towards I am sure of something and that is that have a goal in mind. Because I doubt very much that anyone would hang out in sweaty gyms, with crowds of people, listening to horrible music while putting themselves through physical misery. And don’t forget they are paying for this privilege as well.

Nobody puts up with that unless the goal was that worthwhile.

So I feel bad that many want something so bad but don’t know the steps to get there or how to make it a priority in their lives.

Well for these people here’s a little help.

Here are 3 conditions for a successful workout:
1. It must be fast or intense.
2. It must be frequent.
3. It must last 30 minutes.

Because here’s the thing….if you follow these 3 rules you will get results.

Not ‘I lost 7 lbs in 6 months’ rresults.

Not ‘I upped my squat 15 lbs in 10 months’.

I’m talking about results that have your co-workers dropping expletives when they see you. And relatives that do a double take at reunions.

Because let’s face it….most people don’t train fast enough. Or use heavy enough load. Or frequently enough. Or long enough.

And these same people don’t look like they work out.

****enter work water cooler conversation….
coworker A – ‘so last night at Planet Fitness I….’
coworker B cutting in – ‘you go to Planet Fitness?’ (with incredulous tone)
****exit water cooler conversation***

My Challenge (are you with me?)

I’m going to do 100 workouts before 2011 is out.

They will meet the 3 criteria stated above.

I will track my results and report them here.

From time to time I’ll update on FB to tell you where I’m at and how it’s going.

Who else wants amazing results?

Who’s with me?

okanaganpeakperformance.com ‘always moving forward’

ps…today is #5/100 for me…where are you?

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2 Responses to 3 Conditions for Every Workout

  1. Janelle says:

    I’m taking your challenge! 2 down, 98 to go!

    • Chris says:

      Right on Janelle! You’re going to do this and get amazing results. Keep me posted.


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