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One of the things we really put an emphasis on at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. is education. I talked about this many times before and the number of different ways we look to further our education and involvement with students.

Recently I announced that we would be hosting the Okanagan Strength & Conditioning Conference. This two day event will bring in some of the top practitioners and researchers in our industry. And I say practitioners and researchers because these are people working in the trenches working with clients on a day to day basis. Or they are performing novel cutting-egde research that allows the rest of us to have a better insight as to what methods work better or ellicit a result sooner.

So we feel very fortunate to have these guys coming not only to our region but to our facility. While there may be a day or two in August where our regular coaching or programming is altered to account for this opportunity please know that you will benefit immensely from the enhanced knowledge our staff will gain.

If you are a fitness professional, coach, trainer, physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, physician or anyone else that trains or rehabs clients, you should attend this event.

The registration page is now open. Besides two days of presentations and learning we are also hosting an evening social and including some of the meals for the attendees. Register before June 1 for the lowest possible rate.

Besides this conference we are hosting we are also going to start something else that new for our area and of special benefit to our members.

How many times have you heard one of our coaches make reference of a book, study, recipe or something else and wished you had a pen and paper to make note of the reference?

Maybe you have a great memory and are able to recall the correct information when you get to the book store to pick up a copy.

But in the case of one of our clients all that was recalled was the colour of the book and that it was a great fitness resource. Unfortunately this individual picked up a copy of a book we would not recommend.

So how we fix that?

We create the library for you.

That’s right. You know have access to all of our book, journals, texts, manuscripts and even notes packages from conferences. You can sign them out and read them at your leisure.

But the benefits are that you won’t have to spend any more money to acquire a copy. Or maybe you read our copy and like it so much you want to pick up one for yourself. And that’s fine.

But more importantly you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong book. Or waiting for weeks for your name to come up at the library for a popular edition.

Give us a little time to catalogue our library and then you can check the list and let us know what you’d like to sign out. Simple as that.

One more way Okanagan Peak Performance Inc leads the way when it comes ot education.



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2 Responses to Open Library for Our Clients

  1. Anny says:

    Great Idea Chris..there is so much information out there and it really does come down to a referral from someone who has the knowledge, experience that can help us in the right direction! Awesome to work with such innovative people!!!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Anny. Hopefully we’ve got some references that will help you towards your goal.

      All the best,


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