How We’re Different

Our fitness centre is about as different from other gyms as it could possibly be. Our clients are the most dedicated anywhere and our staff is personally invested in helping you reach your goals in the least amount of time. Find out more below.

Our Gym VS Traditional Gym

From $87/bi-weekly


From $370

Known by name, acknowledged during special occasions, rewarded for results and achievements, goals clearly known by staff, considered friends. Members Not known, not acknowledged, unappreciated, goals are a mystery to staff.
Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees, National Strength & Conditioning Association, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists, BC Association of Kinesiologists. Coaches & Trainers Certifications Maybe none.
Evidenced-based, guided by research, injury prevention, performance enhancement, goal-based, results driven, purposeful, systematic programming, annual training plans. Training Methodology Zumba, Bosu, daily training plans, leave sweating and sore.
Legend Fitness, Keiser Functional Trainer, Airdyne Comp, Concept2 rowers, Olympic platforms with bumper plates, competition style kettlebells, battling ropes, sandbags, slideboard, glute-ham bench, angled bar attachments, dumbbells to 120 lbs, tractor tire & sledgehammer, TRX, heavy bag, chin up stations, Prowler sled, trap bars, weighted vests, med balls, bands/tubing, foam rollers, TP Therapy tools, and more… Equipment Cardio machines, fixed plane machines, Bosu, leg press, seated calf machine, lots of mirrors, Smith machine, more cardio machines, smelly water fountains, Univeral cable columns, pec decks… Etc.
Foam rolling, dynamic warm-ups, power lifting, conditioning drills… You may see members using cell phones to time their prescribed rest Activity Hanging out by the water cooler, reading a good book while casually riding a bike, chatting or texing on cell phones between sets, performing lifts on fixed plane machines with five minutes rests between.
Year Long Training Program (Year I and II), Premier Hockey Training, ½ Marathon Sprint Training Program, Tough Mudder Training Program, Hockey Dryland, Pre-Season Basketball, Outrigger Canoe, and more… Programs Unknown
Friendly, accepting, inviting, supportive, fun. Environment Intimidating, cold, impersonal.
Reduce Injury. Enhance Performance. Philosophy Reduce Overhead. Enhance Profits.