Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Training

Do you want to learn proper technique for a squat, deadlift or press? Are you interested in some unique core exercises to complement your training? Are you wondering how to properly warm-up and cool down for an intense, heart pumping training session? Come try our Group Fitness Training to experience all of these. We hold group fitness classes several times throughout the week and accommodate people of all fitness levels.

Saturday Group Fitness Training

Have you tried working out with battling ropes? What about training with kettlebells? Do you want to have the benefits of running without having to run? Come out to one of our Saturday workouts to improve your sprinting and overall fitness.

Sport-Specific Fitness Camp

Currently our fitness centre is holding sport-specific training sessions for skiers and snowboarders. Come try our ski and snowboard specific training to get ready for the hill. Stabilize achy joints, develop quad power for deep powder, get your lungs ready for the longest runs, learn specific stretches for next-day recovery. Get the added bonus of looking better in the hot tub! These group fitness classes currently run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Youth After School Program

At our fitness centre we want to encourage young athletes to develop the athletic abilities most important for their particular stage of development. Athletes that train in this way will see greater long term success, suffer fewer injuries and be well versed in a variety of athletic pursuits. The Youth After School Program runs Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Have a look at our group fitness class schedule to find a time that accommodates you.

Watch our Kelowna Group Fitness Participants in action!