Gluten Expert Cautions Against Over Eating Seeds

Man it’s been busy the last little while. Between getting home from California and jumping back into the swing of things here in Kelowna many of the athletes we work with are wrapping up school or their professional seasons and are heading back this way.

But the schedule doesn’t ease up.

It actually picks up and doens’t show signs of letting up anytime soon. Next week I’m off to Hawaii. I’ll get home and head off to Saskatchewan to put on a two day hockey clinic in Regina. After a quick stop back home for laundry I’m off to Las Vegas for some meetings followed by a conference in Seattle. Needless to say with all the activity and travel for the next month and a bit I had to turn down a couple of local opportunities to present which I regret.

So because this is a busy time and I want to give you some great nutritional content on the value of incorporating seeds into the meal plan.

Some of the more common seeds available commercially include: grape seed, chia seed, hemp seed, pomegranate seed and flax seed.

And I’ve written previously about the benefits of chia in particular. To quickly recap the claims of chia include:

2X – the protein of any other seed or grain
5X – the calcium of milk, plus boron which is a trace mineral that helps transfer calcium into your bones
3X – the reported antioxidant strength of blueberries
3X – more iron than spinach

Copious amounts of omega-3 and omega-6
Loads of fibre and supposedly they are a complete source of protein providing all essential amino acids in an easily digestible form.

And unlike flax seeds, chia and hemp seeds don’t oxidize as readily giving them an additional advantage.

But then I sat down with Dr. Peter Osbourne from Texas who is a gluten and celiac disease expert.

And he provided another side to consider before going ga-ga over seeds. Watch the following video to see what he has to say about seeds.

To recap the main points from the video:

* grain are used to fatten cattle

* grains lead to inflammation and put the brakes on your fat loss efforts

* a grain is the seed of all grasses

* the purpose of a seed is perpetuate the species

* seeds have mechanisms to defend against predation

* one of these mechanisms is the inhibition of enzyme formation in humans

While seeds offer a number of health benefits they are still a form of grain and have built in mechanisms to avoid predation. If you are going to eat seeds do so in moderation, as with anything, so you don’t create other problems with your health.

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2 Responses to Gluten Expert Cautions Against Over Eating Seeds

  1. 4) One cup of Campbell harvest light soup of a roasted chicken with Italian herbs is also a
    nice example of a healthy snack list. Finally, you will find that it is not appropriate for you to order oatmeal when you are out in
    a restaurant because you will never know if it is pure or not.

    Fortunately for me, I already know what to look for and how to prepare gluten free foods.

    Also visit my web page … peter osborne gluten free

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the tip Peter. So true about eating out and not knowing whether foods are gluten-free or not.


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