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We’re a week into June and it seems like we’ve gone back a page or two on the calendar. The temperatures have dropped and we’re getting more rain. But besides the weather changes we know we’re into June because the school year is almost done.

And a number of young athletes will be looking for something to do. They’ll have their days open and have energy to burn. With that in mind I should probably tell you about our Youth Summer Athletic Training Camp (YSATC). You can find all the details below. But I thought it would be important to tell you what makes our camps special.

Here are 5 Unique Features About our YSATC.

Feature #1New Camps for Younger and Older Athletes

We started these camps 2 years ago and there were 3 athletes that attended. Last year this grew to 31 participants. So for this year we’re splitting the groups into two different times and 2 different groups. This will allow each group to work on things more relevant to their needs and goals. And for the older athletes they will have a better start time in the afternoon. Some teenagers seem to like to sleep in during the summer.

Feature #2Effective & Safe Coaching of All Exercises

Some of the athletes we work with will attend high school in the fall. And many schools now have weight rooms for the students. And unfortunately there aren’t budgets to allow for proper instruction or supervision of these weight rooms.

We want to make sure that these athletes have the basics in place before they step foot in a high school weight room. We want them to know what precautions to take. We want them to know the fundamental technique points on the major lifts. And we want them to be able to take advantage of this resource many schools offer and make gains during the school year.

Feature #3Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Focussed

Often times young athletes develop idols in their respective sports. And with a little online investigation they can quickly figure out what their idols are doing as part of their training program.

Unfortunately some young athletes will attempt to copy the training of a professional level athlete. Even though the young person is not a professional athlete. Nor do they have the same goals as the pro. But most importantly they aren’t the same developmental age as their idol.

Developmental age can be thought of as how close to an adult a young person appears. This is different than chronological age which simply refers to the number of candles on the cake.

With our YSATC we pay attention the developmental age of the athletes and make sure to modify drills and exercises to ensure the most favourable result.

Feature #4Novel & No-Frills Training

Going back to the previous example we see instances of young athletes learning that the pros use a particular tool for training. Or maybe they take a certain supplement. It might even be as harmless as wearing a sweatband askew to mimic a particular star athlete.

What we want to do is encourage the basics. But with a twist. We want the athletes to develop athleticism by moving their own bodies first before there becomes a need for specialized equipment.

This allows for better development, better learning and ultimately a better training experience. Sure some of the training tools are really cool but we can get to those once the basics have been mastered.

Feature #5 Training That Is Fun

Summer vacation is supposed to be fun. As a young person there is nothing worse than something feeling like it is work. Or that you have to do something. Or that you have to do the same thing with endless repetition.

So we make sure to include tons of variety. And at times there will be options for what type of drills would be preferred. And we design some of the training to include an element of competition and to be game-like.

We still train hard. We still take the coaching seriously. But we also laugh a lot, give out tons of high 5s and make sure everyone is having fun.

Feature #6Incredible Value

Our camps are unique in that a young athlete could train with us for all of July and August for less than $225. For this they will receive top level coaching from fully certified and university degreed coaches. They will follow a young athlete focussed training program. They will have access to some unique and novel pieces of training equipment. They will have access to our training facility. And on occasion there may be an opportunity to get an autograph from a professional athlete.

So what are all the details?

Dates: July 4-30 & August 1-31 (no training on BC Day)

Days: Mon/Wed/Fri

Times: 830-945 am (9-12 years) 2-315 pm (13-15)

Cost: $169/camp or $297 for both camps (+HST)

Bonus #1 – Register before June 22 and receive a FREE performance training shirt

Bonus #2 – Register with a friend or family member and the 2nd person gets 50% off

Register today to hold your spot.






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