Like a GPS for Your Fitness Training

Quick question…

How many of you like wasting your time?

Or how many of you don’t care about the results you get in life?

For example, do you invest in RRSPs or have a 401k? If so, then it probably matters to you how well your investments are growing and at what rate.

What about if your kids never had to take a test in school? And each year they simply advanced from one grade level to the next simply by showing up each day. Or even if they missed some school.

How would we know what skills they had learned? How would you know what careers would be the best fit for each of them?

This could become a little frustrating and confusing, don’t you think?

While these examples all seem a little rediculous it’s surprising how we can suspend this logic once we walk through the doors of our gym or fitness centre.

It’s as though are brains are zapped by some imaginary force when we walk in and we forget what we think about the value of assessments, testing and progress with everything else we do.

But sadly that’s often the rule rather than the exception.

Most people go to workout but don’t know where they are at in terms of:
* their movement quality
* their strength levels
* their fitness level
* their flexibility

Not to mention their weaknesses, their bilateral (side to side) differences and their ability to recover.

They are doing what for many people is actually the hardest thing about training which is simply to take action and show up.

So then they put in the time and effort. Old injuries flare up and new ones develop. And the gains may be so insignificant that it makes the individual question the whole process.

It’s like forgetting your GPS on a road trip.

I am so dependant on my GPS that I feel useless in a foreign city when I forget to bring it.

I feel like I am going the wrong way. I’m not sure if I’m reading the maps the right way. I know I am spending time and money and am sure I spinning my wheels.

And I’m probably no closer to my end destination.

But as soon as you put my GPS back in hands I:
* know where I am
* know the best way to get there
* know how long it will take
* can manage my resources (times & money) appropriately

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a GPS for your workouts?

Well there is.

And it’s available to you after you perform an assessment.

This assessment will tell you:
* your starting point
* the most effective path for you to take
* any oncoming problems that you’ll want to avoid
* how effective your training is
* how long your trip will take

Because failing to do an assessment can leave you putting in lots of time, money and effort with no indication of where you are going, at what rate you are moving and where you’ll end up.

If you feel like you’d benefit from a kinetic chain assessment send a reply and we can discuss this further.

Chris ‘always moving forward’

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