Interview with International Gluten/Celiac Disease Expert


Recently I was down to Las Vegas for some meetings, lectures and networking. In between our meetings I had the chance to track down Dr. Peter Osbourne for a quick interview on gluten and celiac disease.

In the interview I ask Dr. Osbourne a number of questions including:

1. What is gluten?
Dr. Osbourne defines gluten as a poison for certain individuals that when they eat it this causes an immune system reaction. This reaction causes a host of problems of up to 140 auto-immune diseases.

2. What foods trigger a response or reaction to gluten?
Gluten is found primarily in grains such as bread, pasta and cereal.

3. Is it possible that some people have celiac disease and may not even know it?
Lots of people have gluten sensitivity but have been misdiagnosed and don’t know why they are sick. In terms of celiac disease there are an estimated 2 million people that are ‘silent celiac’ meaning they are asymptomatic and have the disease but won’t find out until their fourth decade when the symptoms really start to set in.

I ask him a couple more questions but you’ll have to watch the video to see what they are.

At the end of the interview Dr. Osbourne shares with us his website and facebook fan page. Make sure to watch for this information and contact him for more resources or to inquire about being tested for gluten sensitivity.

Are you gluten sensitive?

Do you have celiac disease?

Do you have reactions to certain foods where the cause hasn’t been diagnosed yet?

Post your answers in the comments section below.

Chris ‘always moving forward’

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2 Responses to Interview with International Gluten/Celiac Disease Expert

  1. Jessica says:

    HI Chris,
    Good interview with Dr. Osbourne. Since it took me until the age of 36 to be diagnosed I guess we could say I was one of those silent celiacs. In hindsight I think I can say I may have been feeling the ill effects since I was a teenager but there is no doubt in the last 3 years my symptoms have been increasingly worse. I find it very interesting his answer about re-introducing gluten to your diet after healing. It seems to be a common idea in GF circles. ‘one day I’ll be able to have a pizza and a beer…’I think many would be surprised by his answer.
    I am wondering if he can give a generalization about how long it can take to heal and suggestions about how to keep energy levels charged during the process.


    • Chris says:

      Hi Jessica: I’ll look to provide more content including some more interviews to answer your questions. The quick answer is that is that everyone is different in terms of healing time. As for keeping your energy levels charged up make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and red meat occasionally for the vitamin B12.

      All the best,

      Chris ‘always moving forward’

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