hCG Diet – Is It Worth the Risk?

I’m not a huge fan of quick fixes.

Usually this leaves the person involved with a band-aid solution to deal with the symptom but never addresses the cause.

It would be like taking aspirin because your head hurts from hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Sure you can keep popping pills but you’re never going to get to the root cause of the problem.

So there really are two problems, as I see it, with quick fixes.

1. You address the symptom and not the cause.

2. You haven’t eliminated the negative action which is giving you grief.

How does this relate to your health and fitness?

Well imagine if someone had the goal to lose 30 lbs by Christmas. This isn’t an unreasonable or uncommon goal. There may be a number of people reading this who would like to achieve this goal for themselves.

What should be their first step?

Should they empty their fridge and pantry of all the junk they have stock-piled? Do they go and sign up for a gym memberbship? Should they invest in a better mattress for improved sleep? Make an appointment to see a doctor?

And you know what? I don’t know? Not until I’ve met them and had a chance to talk to them and maybe do an assessment.

But here’s what bothers me.

There is an attitude amongst us in society that is always seeking out the ‘magic-bullet’. Which pill will give me endless energy? Which supplement burns the most fat? Which (other thing) will give me similar results without having to change my behaviour?

And this is a dangerous mindset.

This means we will sacrifice long term health for a short term goal. This means we don’t believe in ourselves enough to give it our best effort and see what we are capable of. This means we don’t care what type of example we set for our kids by the actions we make.

To me it says ‘the ends justifies the means’. If the end result is to lose 30 lbs and that goal is achieved then it doesn’t matter how it is achieved.

Is this right? Do you agree with this? I hope not. I hope there are things you would say aren’t open to consideration when it comes to your health.

But then you hear about the hCG Diet. Are you familiar with this?

It’s a diet that involves takes daily hormone injections while on a calorie restricted diet.


Let’s assume for a second that everyone who follows this diet uses sterile needles, knows how to safely inject themselves and all sources of this hormone are tightly monitored and of the highest quality control standards. There are still some big problems as far as I’m concerned.

4 Concerns I Have with the hCG Diet

1. Lack of Long Term Research

 First of all there isn’t any long term research to say for certain whether this is a safe alternative. I wouldn’t ever want to be the first to try out a new drug or hormone unless it was a last resort for a life saving purpose.

2. Possible Interactions with Other Hormones

Second of all what are the interactions of this hormone going to be on the rest of the endocrine system? Our hormonal system is so closely regulated and controlled that minute fluctuations in a variety of metabolites can cause our bodies to go out of sync hormonally.

3. Caloric Restriction Alone Will Work

Thirdly, 500 calories per day is all that is allowed on this plan. Eliminate the injection and you will still lose weight on 500 calories per day. (plus you can eat more and still lose weight)

4. No Change in Behaviour

Fourth, this plan says nothing about eliminating poor lifestyle choices or adding in positive ones. Sure clinics that sell this treatment (about $1000/month) will recommend extra sleep, exercise and green leafy vegetables but will they be there to ensure these steps are followed? Or are they more concerned that you stick yourself with a needle and starve yourself on 500 calories?

I could go on. And as I mentioned this doesn’t even begin to addresss any of the safety or quality control issues.


The hCG could turn out to be completely safe and effective. But are you willing to sacrifice your long term health to find out? Does taking daily hormone injections sound like a good idea? I hear so many people that rant about all the hormones in animal products these days…are these same people against the hCG Diet? Are you willing to fork out $1000 per month to not change the behaviours that lead to your current state of health and fitness?

That’s just one guy’s opinion. What’s yours? Let me hear you in the space below.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                                                okanaganpeakperformance.com

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2 Responses to hCG Diet – Is It Worth the Risk?

  1. Chris DeHart says:

    Hi Chris

    Just to let you know in January, I did use HCG. I lose 40lbs in 40+ days. The HCG came in a spray so there were on injections. I did not have any side effects (discounting the breasts I grow – just kidding). I was eating more than 500 calories daily, but not much more.

    I agree that I could have lost the weight without the HCG but it does help you focus on your goal and in the final view I did lose the weight.

    It is 8 month and I still have kept the weight off but I have watched what I am eating and eating less.

    I am not recommending HCG but I lost the weight

    On a sadder note wasn’t terrible about Wade


    • Chris says:

      Hi Chris: Thanks for your feedback. It’s interesting to hear from real people what their experiences and outcomes were. Congrats on your success with it. And better yet, good job on keeping the weight off.

      Very sad about Wade. Great guy. We’re all lucky to have known him.


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