Foods to Avoid (video)

As many of you know I’m in a business group with Craig Ballantyne of Men’s Health and Turbulence Training fame. Craig’s a great guy not only because he produces incredible real-world training programs that help so many but because he is a great resource to others in the group, including myself.

So when Craig let’s me in on what he’s been up to, who he’s been interviewing and where he’s been, I take notes. Because the guy is cutting edge, passionate and intelligent. And when he spots a winner he backs it. 100%.

Recently Craig turned me on to a nutritional program designed by Isabel De Los Rios.

Who’s Isabel you may be wondering?

She’s the nutritionist Bill Phillips invited down to his home in Beverly Hills recently to pick her brain before the launch of his upcoming book Transformation. And Bill knows a thing or two about nutrition and exercise. His book Body for Life helped over 2 million people change their lives.

And he asks Isabel for advice.

Or what about Tim Ferris.

You’ll recognize the name from the 4 Hour Work Week as well as the 4 Hour Body

Tim is accomplished researcher, NY Times best selling author and owner of a supplement company. He can get pretty much any nutritional expert on the phone he wants.

But he chooses to have breakfast with Isabel to stay on top of the latest nutritonal findings.

There are many more examples such as this. Isabel is the ‘go-to-girl’ for the top people in the health and fitness industry.

And she’s put together a short video about the foods you should never eat.

I am almost certain there will at least one food on this list which you eat on a regular basis. <— 4 foods to avoid

Now go have a watch and learn the 4 Foods to Avoid.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                      ‘always moving forward’

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