Educational Investments at OPP

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be setting a new standard for fitness education in the Okanagan.

What do I mean by that?

Well we are sending four of our team to California for a 3 day event in Long Beach that’s one of the best in our industry. And this is unique because I doubt anyone else from the Okanagan will be there. But the fantastic foursome of Jordy, Megan, Jeremy and myself are going to getting our geek on to learn as much as possible.

I’m so proud that our team is going to learn at this event because it demonstrates our commitment to life long learning. This business is so dynamic that we are quickly learning new things about the body and nutrition which changes the prescription we have for our clients. It is not simply change for the sake of change but a constant quest to seek better results in less time.

And that’s what this is all about. To get you the best results in the least amount of time by applying evidenced based solutions. We want to be your fitness advisors and seek out the absolute best resources and information for you.

That’s how I truly think about this. You are all my bosses. And I take investing in your health and fitness extremely seriously. Here’s what I mean.

Before the event I research all the possible combinations of presentations and lectures and select the topics most applicable to your goals. Once we have the selection of topics I then divide the topics amongst the staff so that we can attend as many presentations as possible. Because we take thorough notes we are then able to teach other what was discussed in the presentations we all weren’t able to attend.

We also make sure to sit through all the presentations. This isn’t an event where you pick up your name tag then go to the beach for a few days. We will be the ones there for the first through the last session.

And we will represent Okanagan Peak Performance as professionally as possible. This means wearing our gear, interacting with other attendees and participating in hands-on demonstrations.

I really do see us there as your representatives and want you know we take this seriously and will soak up as much learning and development as possible. Then upon our return we will apply the best new gems of knowledge we have acquired into your programs.

But what happens while we are away?

Well Matt will be holding down the fort.  Many of you have been great at adjusting your training times and days to allow us to get away.

We have jokingly said that while we are away everything weighing over 10 lbs will be sold off and will be replaced with spin bikes and treadmills.

But that’s only half of the educational investment we are making at OPP. Not only are we taking the team to California but are also hosting the Okanagan Strength and Conditioning Conference on August 17-18 at our facility.

We are super excited of the line up of presenters we have coming in next week. We have coaches from the NHL and NBA. Researchers in London helping paddlers win medals. And we have trainers working with fighters from the UFC.

This is not only a rare opportunity for BC but for Canada as well. And it’s all happening at your training facility next Friday and Saturday.

Thanks again for supporting us as we seek out the best information for you.

Stay tuned for updates from California.



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