Eating after work-outs

Hi there: I was visiting with a family member recently who asked me if there is the possibility of wrong information appearing in a fitness magazine. While subscriptions do their best to review and edit for spelling and grammatical errors there is the potential for the information itself to be inaccurate.

The magazine in question is a major women’s health magazine that covers topics in fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I do not want name the publication but it is very mainstream and familiar to any woman, and some men, who read fitness magazines.

In this issue there is a question as to whether it is necessary to eat after working out if you don’t feel hungry. The answer provided is that no, you do not need to eat after working out if you’re not hungry. Simply wait until you are hungry and eat then. Unfortunately the primary literature i.e. research journals does not come to the same conclusion.

When we exercise we expend cellular energy that is derived from glucose. To initiate the recovery and repair process we need to replace the energy that was utilized in our workouts. Failing to replace this energy causes our bodies to conserve energy, because none is being supplied, and thus slow our metabolism. A slower metabolism means fewer calories burned throughout the day and thus higher levels of body fat. Additionally, right after working out our bodies secrete catecholamines that allow us to us use higher glycemic carbohydrates more favourably than we might use them at other times in the day. Lastly, many of the enzymes necessary to build muscle mass and burn fat are at peak levels right after working and thus is a perfect time to take advantage of a meal.

If the Olympics are too far removed from your memories google Micheal Phelps and ask yourself two things: 1. Is the guy leaner than almost everybody I know? and 2. Do you think he ever skipped a meal after a workout?

Keep working hard.

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