Done-for-you stairs workout

Hi there: I’m away in Las Vegas for the weekend. Yeah I know, Las Vegas. But this is for work. I’m actually meeting up with some of the top fitness minds anywhere for our regular two day meetings. We’ve got an incredible group of people getting together to share the latest and the greatest in the world of fitness, performance and health. And yours truly will be there to learn as much as possible and pass it on to you upon my return.

So since I’ll be away at these meetings that means I’ll miss our weekly stairs workout. But don’t worry I’ve put together a workout for you follow in my absence. The workout combined with a few regulars such as GK, JM, JK, MG, AC, SM and a few others will make it easier to follow. This group will be meeting at the Quigley elementary playing fields at 830 am on Saturday. If you don’t know where this is go to the corner of Perry and Hollywood in Rutland and you’re there.

Make sure to drink a couple of glasses of water, bring a water bottle and dress in layers as it doesn’t take you long to warm-up. Here’s what I want you to do.

1. General warm-up – Jog a lap around the soccer fields at a very easy and comfortable pace. Pace attention to how your body is feeling. How do your calves, hamstrings, quads and hips feel? What about the rest of your body? Is it feeling loose and limber? Put emphasis on the areas that need it in the next part.

2. Dynamic warm-up – Do each of the following for 15 yards or so.
a. world’s greatest
b. inch-ups (SM asked I put these in because there are no burpees)
c. knee hugs
d. tin soldiers
e. lateral lunge
f. reverse side bend lunge
g. reverse rotating lunge

3. Skip drills – 20 yards of each
a. forward skip
b. reverse skip
c. forward skip crossing arms over and under
d. reverse skip crossing arms over and under
e. forward skip with forward arm circles
f. reverse skip with reverse arm circles
g. lateral shuffle out and back
h. carioca out and back
i. high knees for 5 yards then run 10 yards
j. butt kicks for 5 yards then run 10 yards

4. Jog over to the base of the stairs – do 10 each of
1. forward leg swings ensuring planted foot points straight forward
2. side leg swings ensuring planted foot is parallel to the fence
3. ankle mobilizations

5. Stairs workout – 15 reps done as follows, always walk down
a. walk a flight up and down
b. run 4 more flights, walking down in between
c. rest 2 mim
d. run 4 flights, walking down in between
e. rest 2 min
f. run 3 flights, walking down in between
g. rest 2 min
h. run 2 flights, walking down in between
i. rest 2 min
j. run 1 flight

6. Head back over to the field to stretch
a. on your back, place a towel or tubing around the mid foot pull straight back
b. let the leg fall out to the side
c. pull the leg across the body
d. get into a half kneeling position and pull the foot to the glute
e. place the feet together with the heels close to the hips, let the knees fall
f. straighten one knee and reach one hand over the outside of the straightened leg
g. place the ball of the foot on a curb or against a curb and push the chest forward

That’s it. The whole thing will take about 75 minutes. Good luck. Make sure to come back here and post your comments.

Chris ‘always moving forward’

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6 Responses to Done-for-you stairs workout

  1. Alexandra says:

    This is the ultimate workout! Hope to see some new faces on Saturday.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Excellent workout albeit a bit chilly (zero)! Your suggestion of layering is right on. I had 3 to start and kept 2 thin layers on the whole time. The field was frosty but the stairs were perfect. Love the sunshine! Gretchen

    • Chris says:

      Right on Gretchen! Glad to hear you had a great day. 92 degrees here in Vegas today but I was thinking of you guys. See you next week.


  3. Kayla says:

    I did this with one of my friends here in freezing langley! It was great!! A good challenge!! Thanks and hope there is more like this!!

    • Chris says:

      Awesome Kayla! Glad to hear you tried it. It sure cooled down here as well. -4 over night on Saturday. Big change coming home from Vegas where it was 92!

      Definitely more workouts and challenges coming your way soon. Pass along your friend’s email and I’ll send to them as well.

      Chris ‘always moving forward’

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