Amazing Results for Darlene Sunderland

Hey! How’s it going? I hope you’re doing well as I’ve got a great success story to share with you. This story is about Darlene Sunderland and she has realized some amazing results over the last bit with her training.

You know Darlene, right?



She usually trains with group at 6am. If you can’t put a face to the name, she’s the one whose chanting AH CHA CHA CHA or dancing to the Black Eyed Peas in between sets. Besides that she is also very dedicated to her partner, her job and running ½ marathons.  Darlene is a great example of someone who is willing to put in the work to get what she wants. She’ll work a nightshift until 7 am and still meets us to run sand dunes at 730 am. She’s well deserving of the results she has achieved here with us.

Now, before I get to telling you everything Darlene has achieved in a short amount of time I should back up and give you the background.

I’ll let Darlene take over here for a bit.

“I live a pretty boring life, but I love what I do and my life. I enjoy going for long hikes with my dogs, running, traveling, learning and spending time in the wild. I also have this newfound love for running up hills. Some may call me crazy because I also really enjoy cleaning my house. I find cleaning to be very therapeutic. I guess overall, I love to stay busy.

Rock Your Jeans Got Her Started

It was a chain reaction on how I rolled through the Okanagan Peak Performance Inc doors (no pun intended).  My partner is a member of OPP, and I kept noticing a change in her fitness level & health since she joined and wished that I could do that too.  On top of that, I was stagnant and in a bit of a funk between working shift work and working out.  Catherine brought home this flashy flyer back in April about the ‘Rock Your Jeans Challenge’.  I kept looking at this flashy flyer with a fit person holding pants away from the belly and thought, “I would love to be healthy again.”  Eventually, the words came out of my mouth and I was signed up for the eight-week challenge.

Dopped 2 Jean Sizes and Healthier Everyday

During the eight-week challenge I dropped the two-pant sizes that the challenge guaranteed would happen, but this did not happen without the commitment that was required.  Since the challenge ended, I am still seeing results by losing weight, changing shape and getting healthier everyday.  Losing weight is not as important to me as it is to be healthy, and I am becoming healthier everyday!

What If I Failed?

I hate to admit that something would get in my way for anything, but the biggest challenge was fear of commitment. What if I failed? What if I didn’t get the results I wanted? After overcoming the internal mental battles, comes with reality issues – balancing work, school and life. Working shift work is difficult at the best of times and I realized I was using it as an excuse for getting out of doing things. What could I do after a twelve-hour shift, but go home and get ready for the next day. Not only did I have the mental issue and shift-work excuses, I am also enrolled in online studies for a bachelor’s degree.’

Many Can Relate

Maybe you can relate to Darlene sharing these same challenges such as overcoming mental and physical battles, feeling like you already have so much on your plate or something else standing in the way of optimal health.

Even though Darlene had these challenges before her, she still had the goal of losing weight and inches, toning up, and getting stronger and healthier and she decided to give it her best to achieving success.

Amazing Results!

What kind of success? Well how about:

  • Dropping 26 lbs. & 7 % body fat

Losing 8 Inches

Running 2 half marathons in less than a month of each other

I think I was most proud of Darlene when she told me that she was able to fit into her partner’s clothes. And it’s funny from that point on I noticed a difference in how Darlene carried herself, how much she smiled, how much more outgoing she became and the overall difference this had on her.

And so I had to ask Darlene when she was first aware of these positive changes? And what did she think had the largest impact on these changes?

What Made The Biggest Impact?

Darlene said, “What helped me has been the commitment the trainers have had to being healthy outside of the gym. The extra curricula activity outside of the regular gym hours has been huge for me. I do not have a Monday to Friday career and sometimes, the weekends are my only free time to commit to being healthy. Can you imagine on the weekends for fun someone wanting to climb sand dunes, sprint Knox Mountain, and lately sprint on sand for fun? Well, the trainers at OPP do and it has been awesome for me. When I get off a night shift, I look forward to doing all of this instead of going to bed right away.”

I am so proud of Darlene for achieving everything she set her mind to. While these are impressive results they are available to anyone who sets their mind to achieving success and then gives it their all.

Way to go Darlene! We are proud of you and can’t wait to see what more you can achieve.

All the best,

The Team at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

ps…The next round of Rock Your Jeans starts October 11. This is the same program that Darlene participated in to achieve her amazing results. Stop by today to guarantee your spot in this incredible program.

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