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If you know me you know that I love business. I’m always looking for recommendations as to what people have read which helped them in business. And when I have down time I like watching Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and The Prophet.

I guess it’s a number of things that appeal to me about business. Part of is the risk that’s involved and paired with a potential reward. As they say with investing, you should invest in what you know. And I consider business to be one of the ultimate investments you can make as you should know your area of business better than most.

As well it’s fun to learn about really great and successful companies. In particular I like learning about the core values of a business. What is that they stand for? What do they believe? How do these values help distinguish them from the rest of the competition? Does what the business believes resonate with me?

A good friend of mine, LM, and a very successful entrepreneur shared something really valuable with me once regarding core values. He said that once you know and can articulate your core values every decision you make regarding your business becomes a lot simpler. And he’s right. Whenever I think about a question facing our business I put it through the filter of our core values. And then you can evaluate how the question stands up to your core values.

For more than a year now I’ve been scribbling down our core values in the notebooks I always carry around. And for some reason I never made them public. Maybe I thought the list wasn’t complete? Or maybe I needed to take some time to ‘sleep on it’ and really make sure our core values were accurate.

Anyways, I think we’re more than ready to make our core values known and public. Feel free to weigh in give your feedback in the comments section. This is an exciting time for us. Making this list public will hold us to a higher standard and allow us to everything a little better.

Below is our list of core values with a brief explanation of each.

We believe in life-long education. We are a fitness business that delivers better results in less time by applying evidenced-based methodologies. In order to apply the best methods we subscribe to journals, attend educational events, host a sports-science conference, sit on the advisory board for a college human kinetics program and a number of things to stay current with the research.

We believe if something matters to our client it matters to our team. Our client’s goal is our goal. So we make sure to attend to all the details that are important to our clients.

We believe in doing whatever it takes. Sometimes giving our best doesn’t result in success. Success sometimes requires finding another level or a different approach.

We believe in communicating as clearly and effectively as possible. Everyone learns in different ways. Some learn by hearing. Others by seeing. And others still by trying. We make sure to develop our communication to transfer training concepts as effectively as possible.

We believe in giving and doing our best. We will bring our best in everything we do. We will coach to the best of our abilities. We will share the best info available. We will deliver this with the best service possible.

We believe in having fun in what we do and with the people we do it. While training can be intense at times we make sure the lighten the mood at times. While the goal is the goal, part of the fun is getting there.

We believe in a team-first rather than an individual-first approach. We are a team of individuals contributing talents and abilities to a common goal. We understand the sum is greater than the parts.

We believe in creating the best possible experience for our clients. We take the time to learn about our clients and what their preferences are. We then look to create the optimal training environment for the best experience.

We believe in providing the best, evidenced-based solutions to as many people as possible. As we possess special skills and abilities to help others we believe we have a responsibility to help as many people as possible.

So there you have it. Our list of Core Values.

We will look to live these everyday and apply them to all we do professionally.

What do you think? Let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

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