Pay to Fly Based on Your Weight

Sometimes I get the feeling Chris is toying with me.

Obviously all of us that train with OPP’s fitness don expect (and appreciate) the manner in which he arranges our workout schedules, plans our sessions and even maps goals for our individual physical livelihoods day in and day out. Read more…

A Day at Okanagan Peak Performance

Often times people will stop in to our facility and ask what it is we do. They already have some idea because the signage out front identifies us as an athletic training facility and through the mindows they can see some of the equipment.

But while there will be some pieces of equipment they will recognize there will also be some items which are foreign to them. For example, for what do we use the big wooden platforms are the floor? And what is the bench back by the med balls? And lastly why do you have a big tractor tire?
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Meet the Newest OPP Coach – Matt Baumeister

One of the things that has been fun as we continue to move forward with Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. has been all the changes that have happened in the past year.

We’ve moved into a new facility. And we outfitted it with the best equipment anywhere in town. Next we did some touch ups to freshen up the look of the place and make it a little more comfortable for everyone. Lastly we’ve looked to bring on some new talent that can help us continue to help you get better results in less time. Read more…

Recap of the Whistler Tough Mudder

So you want to be a Tough Mudder?

Well maybe not. Maybe you’ve never heard this term before.

Fair enough.

Below are a few videos that will fill in the gaps.
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Meet Our Summer Intern – Jeremy Martin

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed some changes at Okanagan Peak Performance. When there was a flu going around we thought hand sanitzers might help to control the spread of this.  When Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro D’Italia, and in anticipation of the London Olympics, we thought it would be appropriate to display a Canadian flag.

And when we recognized we would have a need for a summer intern we brought on Jeremy Martin. Jeremy is going into his 3rd of kinesiology at UBC and is gaining some practical experience with us this summer.
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Youth Summer Fitness Training

We’re a week into June and it seems like we’ve gone back a page or two on the calendar. The temperatures have dropped and we’re getting more rain. But besides the weather changes we know we’re into June because the school year is almost done.

And a number of young athletes will be looking for something to do. They’ll have their days open and have energy to burn. With that in mind I should probably tell you about our Youth Summer Athletic Training Camp (YSATC). You can find all the details below. But I thought it would be important to tell you what makes our camps special.
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Peak Performance Women Pull for Charity

So a few Saturday’s ago we hosted a charity training session at Okanagan Peak Performance. The goal was to raise funds for a team of women we work with that is competing in the Pull the Plane Challenge.
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Pull the Plane Training Session

There are a few things Okanagan Peak Performance is synonomous. And these include physical feats, strong women and helping others. So when we were approached about sponsoring a team for the United Way’s Plane Pull Challenge it was a no-brainer.

But we’re not just sponsoring any team. We’re sponsoring a team made up 100% of women.
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Kelowna Brings In Top Presenters for Strength Conference

One thing we put a high priority on at Okanagan Peak Performance is education. We have summer interns who come work with us during the summer. We subscribe to relevant journals and trade publications. Staff are paid for the journals and articles they read each week.
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Seminar Announcement – Fitness Training Myths

So we’ve set the date for our next educational seminar. And it’s happening on Wednesday February 29 at 7 pm. And this all happens at our facility on Sutherland Avenue. Read more…