Knee Solution Seminar Thursday November 8

Knee pain


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Vegas, Andrew Dice Clay and Your Health

When I was in grad school in Regina I went to Las Vegas for a guys trip. This was the first time I had been to Las Vegas and we went to see Andrew Dice Clay.

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The Most Important Ability for Gymnasts


Last week Okanagan Peak Performance Inc hosted a seminar for the gymnastics community. The title was The Most Important Ability for Gymnasts – What it is and how to improve it. Below is a brief recap of the seminar. Read more…

The One Thing for Success


Is there someone in your life that epitomizes health? They always look good. They don’t have a weight issue. They always seem to have energy and be in a positive mood. You rarely see them getting sick. Read more…

Norwegian Alpine Ski Presentation


Recently I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Dr. Robert Reid of the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team. Dr. Reid had previously worked with the US Ski Team and presented ‘A Day Without Training is a Day Without Meaning’. Read more…

How I Fixed My Own Back


How much of what happens to us in life is completely random? How much control do we have over what happens to us? Read more…

The Importance of Lower-Limb Joints on Sprinting

lower body joints

Did you ever take chemistry in school? If so, you may remember something known as the rate limiting step. Read more…

Are Carbs the Cause of Obesity?

carbs obesity

Alright it’s time for a pop quiz. And today the question is ‘What’s the best way nutritionally to achieve a weight loss goal?’ Read more…

3 Made Up Nutritional Terms

make believe

Did you watch cartoons growing up? Did you have a favourite animated Disney movie? Maybe you were more into super heroes and really enjoyed Superman, Batman or another Marvel or DC character. Read more…

BCAAs Not Worth the Investment


I’ve just gotten back from a family vacation. And it wasn’t just Alexandra, the girls and I but my parents, siblings and their kids as well. All in there was 24 of us getting together for a few days in Washington and Idaho. Read more…