Post-Natal: 8 Nutritional Rules for Moms!

prenatal vitamin

prenatal vitamin


I don’t know about you, but when a woman is pregnant, EVERYONE seems to be worried about her nutrition. Read more…

I Had Diastasis Recti Abdominis – Do You?


Six-pack. Washboard abs. Strong core.
These are all terms that are often used when training the abdominals. And it is often one of the first places people look to address when they start on a fitness training program! Read more…

How to form new exercise habits

Beat the pillow and get running!

I’ve misplaced my motivation somewhere between the soft pillows and biweekly Timmies runs.

You gasp and sit up. The alarm on your phone is blaring its obnoxious wake up call, urging you to move your butt out of bed, from beneath the warm, comfortable, soft…..zzzzz…. ARGH, HUH, WHAT???! For a moment, you can’t remember why on earth your eyes are open, or what day it is.

Read more…

Characteristics of Top Hockey Players

vo 2 max

Do you, or someone you know, play hockey? If so, have you ever wondered what characteristics the top players share? If you put a number of hockey players through a battery of tests which ones would the top hockey players excel at? Read more…

Post Activation Potentiation


Speed is one those things every athlete wants more of. It may be described as quickness or having a faster first step but ultimately it comes to having more horsepower. Read more…

A Few Recommended Reads

girl reading

Reading is probably one of my favourite ways to relax. While I don’t mind catching up some shows on Netflix or watching a movie there isn’t the same kind of relaxation involved with reading. Read more…

The Benefits of the Placebo Effect


Whenever we add a new member to our team we use a fairly standard evaluation process. And this includes asking what they think is the most important element lending to the success of the client. Read more…

Rolling patterns for health and performance

Rolling helps movement and performance

So how do you roll? I don’t mean this in terms of your style but more as to how you move. Read more…

Easy way to sprint 5% faster

Speed wins

It’s hard to find a sport where having less speed would be an advantage. And in this case we would have to be talking about sports that are objectively measured i.e. faster,higher,stronger as opposed to subjectively measured with judging. Read more…

The rules of post-workout nutrition

The nutrient timing window may not be as important as we thought.

Have you ever heard something related to health and fitness that you just know to be true? Read more…