Why Moms, Nurses & Teachers Should Copy CEOs

I remember hearing a story about Richard Branson and it involved a group headed on a boat to Necker Island. One of the guests asked how to become more productive? And Branson’s answer was to work out.

This may seem counter intuitive to most people when they ask how to get more done in their business and the answer is to do something outside of their business.

But I know it to be true. And a high percentage (as high as 93%) of CEOs do as well as evidenced by the fact they enlist the services of a fitness coach and trainer.

So why would the highest paid and most successful entrepreneurs and business people take time out of their busy lives to invest in coaching?

Because they understand that the best investment they can make is in themselves. And trust me these guys get pitched all the time. They need to have a well trained secretary and assistant as gatekeepers to vet all the deals sent their way. And even with all the demands for their time a high majority make sure to take care of themselves first.

Think about that for a second.

The more people that are under your care and needing your attention, the more important it is for you to be at your best.

If you are a CEO you can’t afford to get sick. There are too many meetings and deals to get done that require your attention. You need to have energy from the first thing in the morning to the last appointment in your calendar. You are the face of the company and will appear in media, advertising and other marketing. You need to appear strong, healthy and capable. You need to convey a winning image for the board and shareholders.

Who else has others in their care and needing their attention?

The obvious ones that come to mind are mothers, nurses and teachers. All of these vocations can involve long hours and usually are fulfilled by those who look to serve.

Moms will make sure everyone else is fed before they eat themselves. They look after the sick even knowing it’s a case of when and not if they will catch the cold themselves. They will sacrifice their own sleep to make sure everyone in the family is well rested.

The deadliest illness known...the man cold.

The deadliest illness known…the man cold.

Teachers will get their classrooms ready before the school year starts. They will stay late when a student misses the bus. They will give up their weekends for tournaments and trips.

Nurses will work long hours including graveyards to deliver the best care for the rest of us. All while putting themselves in the crosshairs of potential colds and flus.

And usually all three of these groups, meaning moms, teachers and nurses, will sacrifice themselves in order to serve others.

I almost wish they would be a little more selfish, or more CEO-like, in terms of their own health and fitness.

If moms, teachers and nurses are called to serve others than fitness training will only help them do a better job of this. They will have more energy to manage all their kids, students and patients. They will have more strength to handle the daily physical demands of the job. They will be a better example to everyone that looks us and respects them. They will have an outlet for the stressors that come on during the day.

And should a career change be in order they will be well suited, health-wise anyway, for the position of CEO.




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