Habits: Sticky or Slippery


The other night we finished everything that needed to be done for the day. We had cleaned up from dinner. We bathed the kids, brushed teeth and read some stories.  Read more…

5 Takeaways from Dr. Kleiner

Have you ever sat through a presentation and been overloaded with great content?

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Your Car As A Metaphor for Your Nutrition


Nutrition seems to be the area people struggle with the most when it comes to taking control of their health. The exercise can be fairly straight forward but not easy. Read more…

How to Use Travel for Better Results


Do you travel? Either for work or pleasure. If so, have you ever found this to be a challenge in maintaining the results you’ve achieved in the gym? Read more…

Spinning 5 Fails For Success


We’re a week into 2019. And how is it going for you so far? Are you someone that makes resolutions?  Read more…

How Often Can You Train


When I was younger I used to train with my brother. And we would follow a typical bodybuilding split. What I mean by that is that our training days were divided up based on body parts and certain exercises. Read more…

Another Reason Not to Cleanse


The other day I was over to one of the coffee shops close to our gym. I’m late to the coffee party but I definitely enjoy an americano once or twice a week.  Read more…

Fight or Flight v Rest and Digest


What comes to mind when you hear the word stress? For most people they have negative connotations with the word. Read more…

Knee Solution Seminar Dec 6

Knee pain


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Should You Brace, Wrap and Support?


The other day a client asked me what our thoughts were on lifting belts. And soon the conversation moved to the use of lifting straps, gloves and other gear people use when lifting. Read more…