Chris Collins

Owner/ Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris Collins has been a local Kelowna resident since 1981 venturing away briefly on exchange to Mexico and to university. He graduated with a Master of Science degree in physiology which was research-based and resulted in publications in scientific journals. Upon completion of the his graduate studies Chris travelled to Pomona, California to obtain a strength and conditioning certification (CSCS). Armed with this credential and his science background Chris established Okanagan Peak Performance to enhance both the enjoyment and performance of athletes in sport. Today Okanagan Peak Performance is the resource for athletic conditioning and education. Subscribing to relevant journals and attending sports medicine conferences allows Chris to pass along cutting edge training modalities and information to coaches and athletes throughout Western Canada.

In regards to my own active pursuits, I’m a former national level natural bodybuilder and provincial swimmer. When not training our athletes I enjoy downhill skiing, mountain biking, playing squash and spending time with my family.