Consistency is the Key

Coaching, programming and nutrition are important components of a fitness program.

But they aren’t the most important.

At this point many will be rolling their eyes or scratching their heads. What else could be more important? Certainly not supplementation, recovery or equipment.

We would argue that mindset trumps all of the things that normally are seen as the essential elements in a fitness routine. Because let’s face it…great coaching, programming and nutrition mean very little to someone who doesn’t want their goal. It means little to someone who doesn’t believe in their goals. And it means very little to someone that isn’t willing to make changes to achieve their goal.

And with the right mindset is the commitment to do something on a consistent basis.

This is part of the secret formula of success which is to do things repeatedly. Success doesn’t come with training 1,2 or maybe 3 hours per week. And it doesn’t happen by eating healthily during the week only to drink beer and eat pizza during the weekend. And it doesn’t happen by getting to bed on time four nights of the week and staying up too late the other three nights.

Success happens when we do the right things regularly.

Positive, consistent habits lead to success.

Positive, consistent habits lead to success.

After having coached, presented to and interacted with tens of thousands of clients and teams I can tell you this be true. Consistent positive efforts lead to successful outcomes.

But I was curious what consistency meant to our clients? I wanted to know what consistency meant to them? And how does it relate to their health and fitness goals?

Here’s what they had to say.

‘Consistency means overcoming inertia. A body at rest wants to stay at rest. If I’m always resting it’s harder to get going again.’

‘When there is consistency than I don’t have to decide each time. Without consistency I have to make the decision each time.’

‘Without consistency it always feels like I’m starting over again. And I don’t like starting over again.’

‘Consistency defines who you are.’

‘Consistency means routine. It means your regular practice gets displaced less easily.’

‘Consistency lends to habits.’

‘Consistency means making something a priority.’

I couldn’t agree more with these thoughts on consistency. One client, JS, works as a financial planner. He equated consistency to investing. To yield the best return on your investments you need to make regular, planned and consistent investments. No one has a crystal ball telling us when markets will go up or down. So the only way to ensure success with our investments is to start early and make regular contributions.

Take some time to think about what is consistent in your life? What do you do every day? Be specific as you create this list. The more detail you include the better. Here’s a quick look at the start of mine.

  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Make breakfast
  • Pack lunch for the day
  • Brush teeth
  • Bike to work

Once you have your list next thing to do is determine which of your daily tasks are positive choices and which ones are negative choices. This should be fairly straightforward. And it’s possible that some of the choices might be neutral.

At this point we can examine the list for choices that are either bringing us closer or moving us further from our goal.

There needs to be some time for fun and indulgences. But ultimately we are what we do on a regular basis. Or in other words we are what we do consistently.





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