Top 13 Fitness Predictions for 2012 – Part II

So let’s carry on with the Top 13 Fitness Predictions for 2012.


Prediction #8 – More Wind Resistance Trainers

Have you tried a Concept II rowing machine?  What about an Airdyne Comp bike? If you have you already know what a great whole body workout these machines offer. But if you haven’t the neat thing about them is that they are based on wind resistance. And the harder you push the more resistance you generate making for a more intense workout. Our clients love them. And when I say love them I mean they hate them but love the results they generate.

Prediction #9 – More Transverse Plane Training

99% of most training programs are in the sagittal plane. Think of biceps curls, leg extensions, front raises, squats, lunges…pretty much most exercises. However as the average gym goer makes the transition from fixed plane machine training to movement based exercises you’ll see more frontal plane and transverse plane training. Transverse plane exercises include things such as landmine exercises, rotational exercises, medball throws as well as number of exercises that can be done with a suspension trainer.

Prediction #10 – More Periodization

For while there was a growing popularity that involved workouts which were drawn up on a moment’s notice. These workouts were daily programs that did not have much consideration for the many factors that should be considered when designing a training program. I’m talking about things like a competitive season, training experience, intensity of training, quality and quantity of recovery, volume of training and more.

Hopefully we’ll see fewer fitness professionals ‘wing it’ when it comes to program design. Hopefully we’ll see more consideration to a long term approach to program design. Hopefully we’ll see more consideration for the principles of periodization.

Prediction #11 – More Anti-Rotation Drills

It’s only common sense that if people are going to perform more transverse plane training they need to be able to control this motion first. There needs to be a base level of stability before high levels of force can be produced. With this in mind expect to see more Turkish get ups, more Pallof presses, more bird dogs and other exercises that require stabilization of the torso in the transverse plane.

Prediction #12 – Less Organic Food

Do you remember a few years ago there were some people who thought if everything they ate was organic they were eating healthier? Well we now know that just because something is organic doesn’t mean it’s healthier. There are definitely things about buying organic which are true. It costs more and it’s trendy. But beware of the foods that involve a peel, rind or gourd that you throw away before you eat the food. It may not make sense to buy these as organic. Unless you have money to burn and are trendy.

Prediction #13 – More Prepped Meal Services

One thing that I think will catch on more in 2012 is the number of people using food preparation services. There are more companies providing this service, meaning the quality goes up and the price becomes more competitive. Most people recognize the value nutrition plays in their training efforts and most people are busy. This is a way to put more emphasis on quality nutrition while saving some time.

Well there you have it. This is where I see the health and fitness industry headed in 2012.

In the comments section answer the following question:

* What trends have you noticed in health and fitness?

* Which trends of the 13 above do you agree with?


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