2010 Fitness Predictions Revisited

Last year I took a look at the trends I was noticing in fitness, saw what my colleagues were doing in other parts of the world and sampled some of the new innovations coming down the line as health products. As while some of these developments are simply fads I believe some of them to be true changes in the industry and here to stay.

Below are my 2010 Fitness Predictions that I can now look back and grade myself. How did I do?

1. Barefoot Running – Have you tried ditching the shoes? Maybe you own a pair of Five Fingers or some Nike Frees. Have you read the book Born to Run? There are definitely more products, gear and information related to barefoot running. I think we’ll see this trend continue in 2011.

2. Recovery & Regeneration – There is some evidence that we’re more aware of the necessity to recover between workouts. More gyms have foam rollers and more people are using them. There are still a lot gains and results being left on the training room floor when you consider the number of people walking out of the gym without a post-workout shake.

3. New Cardio Programs, Equipment and Classes – There maybe wasn’t so much an explosion in new program and equipment so much as we saw more people doing intervals of some type as opposed to the regular slow, steady-state cardio they were used to. Consider as the well the number of people performing some type of metabolic resistance training where they alternate between resisted sets to achieve an elevated heart rate and you see people continuing to try something new when it comes to good old cardio.

4. Saving Time & $$$ – Part of this one has to do with the economic situation and part of it is due to wanting to get in and get out the gym as quickly as possible. People are looking for DIY options which involve training programs and equipment that can be done at home or on the road.

5. Online Training Programs – Over the past year we have had 73 people following training programs with us online such as the Year Long Training Program. Credit card information is as secure as ever and the scrutiny on training forums weeds out any of the posers out there. With social media you can need be ‘friends’ with just about anyone in the world and then access their training programs. This will only continue to grow.

6. Technology – Think of all the gadgets you can use from Sleeptrackers, Body Bugg and the variety of smart phones. Gyms now offer wifi throughout so you can access all the videos with your online programs. The advancement of technology in fitness has more to do with tracking your workouts and accessing them online than it does with space-aged training equipment. And this makes sense because the most incredible machine will always be the human body.


7. Decrease in Bootcamps – If you’ll recall when I wrote this the first time I was referring to the style of training that is screaming  in-your-face. The Jillian Michaels way of doing things is done. Nobody responds well to being broken down and humiliated. Instead we’ll continue to see more of an emphasis on coaching and less of the drill sargeang theatrics that had been popular over the last few years.

8. Increase of Alkaline Foods – We’re definitely making more of an effort to eat better quality food. More trips to whole food markets, farmers markets and buying fresh food. Maybe we dont’ realize that eating more fruits and vegetables helps our pH balance but our shopping habits indicate that we’re on the right path.

9. More Meals at Home – Again this might be a result of global economics more than for health reaasons but the end result is the control of how food is prepared. We can limit the heavy sauces and dressings. We can control the energy density of our meals. And lastly we can can eat to satiety and put away the rest rather than feeling we are wasting food if we don’t eat the entire portion.

10. More Preventative Less Reactionary Efforts – I’ll admit. Maybe I wa a little optimistic on this one. Or maybe it has to do with the company I keep. I mean if my colleagues are strength coachs, athletic trainers and therapists then they will recognize the signs when something is out of alignmend and needing correction. Hopefully as the access of good quality training  and nutruitional programs continues more will take control of their health before there is a problem requiring a fix.


11.  Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals – People are recognizing and hiring a fitness professional as an investment. And few people purposely set out to make poor investments. They want quality and they want results. Those that can provide the safest, resutls in the least amount of time will be sought after.

Stay tuned for my Fitness Predictions for 2011.

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