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What to Eat Before Training


It’s fairly common to enter a gym setting and not know where to begin. This is obvious based on the number of gym newbies that venture straight to the treadmills. Read more…

I Had Diastasis Recti Abdominis – Do You?


Six-pack. Washboard abs. Strong core.
These are all terms that are often used when training the abdominals. And it is often one of the first places people look to address when they start on a fitness training program! Read more…

Whole Body Cryotherapy -165 C for 3.5 Minutes

cold  water immersion

Last week I had the opportunity to go and try whole body cryotherapy (WBC). If you’re not familiar with what this it’s kind of like being in a stand up tanning booth but instead of being strayed with tanning dye you are blasted with nitrogen gas. Read more…

3 Pearls from Dan John

Image of a white pearl in shell.

While I’ve been recovering from ACL surgery I’ve found I have more opportunity to read. And one author I particularly enjoy is Dan John. Read more…

Use the Pareto Principle for Better Results


Recently there have been a number of reality tv shows with an entrepreneurial or business aspect. The Prophet and Shark Tank that come to mind.  Read more…

What’s your post-natal body perception?


Saggy skin. Belly pooch. Stretch Marks. Leaking.
Did any of you moms just shudder? Cringe? I feel you. Read more…

What is Tryptophan & Why You Need It


If you were a fan of Seinfeld you’ll remember the Thanksgiving episode. Jerry starts dating a new girl that has an awesome toy collection. Read more…

How Probiotics May Help Your Training & Health


Are you familiar with the term ‘probiotics’? This is an interesting subject area as people are either totally in the dark on the topic or have good intentions but are misapplied. Read more…

How Often Should You Train?

frequency of training

When someone gets started with a new fitness routine there are a lot of questions that come up. Read more…