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What is Tryptophan & Why You Need It


If you were a fan of Seinfeld you’ll remember the Thanksgiving episode. Jerry starts dating a new girl that has an awesome toy collection. Read more…

How Probiotics May Help Your Training & Health


Are you familiar with the term ‘probiotics’? This is an interesting subject area as people are either totally in the dark on the topic or have good intentions but are misapplied. Read more…

How Often Should You Train?

frequency of training

When someone gets started with a new fitness routine there are a lot of questions that come up. Read more…

Eat Your Carbs…Except These


When it comes to nutrition, carbohydrates are an interesting topic. You either find people fall into one of three categories when it comes to this macro-nutrient. Read more…

How to form new exercise habits

Beat the pillow and get running!

I’ve misplaced my motivation somewhere between the soft pillows and biweekly Timmies runs.

You gasp and sit up. The alarm on your phone is blaring its obnoxious wake up call, urging you to move your butt out of bed, from beneath the warm, comfortable, soft…..zzzzz…. ARGH, HUH, WHAT???! For a moment, you can’t remember why on earth your eyes are open, or what day it is.

Read more…

Is Cold Water Hindering Your Gains?

cold  water immersion

Have you ever done things as part of your training that you’ve changed? Read more…

Alex Swetlikoff suits up for Yale Academy


Every summer we see a number of hockey players come back to Kelowna and return to Okanagan Peak Performance Inc for their off-season hockey training. These players want to get to the next level, to produce at the highest level and finally to have a lengthy career at the highest level. Read more…

Motivation for Your Goal


What motivates you to train? You know on the days when it’s cold and maybe even rainy outside? Of course it’s still dark outside. Your bed could not be more comfortable. Read more…

Applications Accepted for Kick Start Program

fitness coaching

Have you ever wondered what personal fitness coaching would be like? Have you wanted a way to sample personal fitness coaching without a long-term commitment?  Read more…