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We’re Underestimating Our Obesity

Men don't recognize the problem and therefore aren't likely to do anything about it.

Have you ever heard the expression, what gets measured, matters? Or maybe some version of this expression? Read more…

For Success Look Far Ahead


A number of years ago I remember attending a conference and the presenter asked everyone to imagine two scenarios. The goal was to make your way across a crowded room that you had been in before to the opposite side exit.

Read more…

Don’t Make Things Harder Than They Need To Be

midvale school for the gifted

Have you ever been in a situation where looking back you realized there was an easier way? Maybe it wasn’t even yourself but someone else you noticed putting in all the effort and simply spinning their wheels, making little forward progress. Read more…

Training is Better Together – Maybe

group training

This morning my training consisted of a good ride on the bike. The plan was to connect with a friend and get in a training session before work. Read more…

Train at Least 3 Times per Week


Have you ever heard the term muscle-confusion? This is commonly used in the marketing pieces of fitness centres to tell you how you’ll get better results by doing something different all the time. Read more…

Are BLTs Sabotaging Your Results?


At Okanagan Peak Performance Inc we work with a variety of clientele that want to look, feel or play better. And these are quite varied goals. But one thing is in common with these three groups. Read more…

Why Strong Hands Matter

Homunculus Man - The size of the body parts is correlated to the sensory input from that part.

From time to time someone will reach out to me and ask me to take a look at their program. And sometimes the program is decent. It includes the right elements relevant to the goal. Read more…

A Crossfit I Can Support

Mike Penninga March 2018

For many people staying in shape involves playing sports. But the challenge can be that as we enter adulthood there aren’t as many opportunities to participate in organized sports. Read more…

Hockey Training Seminar

The Truth About Off-Season Training for Hockey.

Okanagan Peak Performance Inc will be presenting an educational seminar, The Truth About Off-Season Hockey Training, on Wednesday April 18th at 630 pm. Read more…