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Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor


Do you use a heart rate monitor when you train? I guess at most big box gyms the majority of people don’t. I mean when you consider that most people don’t have a training journal to record their workouts they probably aren’t going to go to the trouble and expense of investing in a heart rate monitor. Read more…

13 Traits of Those Achieving the Best Results in the Gym


Have you ever the expression ‘success leaves clues’? Even if you haven’t heard of this one you are probably familiar with some version of it that has to do with modelling the traits of successful people. Read more…

Creatine, Beta Alanine & CLA


Sport supplementation is as popular as it’s ever been. More people are ‘taking this’ or ‘swear by that’. But where do they get their info on a particular supplement? Read more…

End of the RICE age?


I’m a big fan of systems. And often times systems go hand-in-hand with acronyms. Consider for example that SYSTEM is an acronym for save yourself time energy and money. Read more…

The Benefits of the Placebo Effect


Whenever we add a new member to our team we use a fairly standard evaluation process. And this includes asking what they think is the most important element lending to the success of the client. Read more…

Reflections on my lactate testing


If you are serious about getting better at something than you need to test yourself every now and again. For example, you can’t claim to be a fast runner if all you do is go for runs but have never stepped up to the line in a race to measure yourself.

Read more…

Vitargo – Leading Athlete Fueling


Do you take supplements? This could be anything from an omega-3 or a multi-vitamin to taking a creatine, beta alanine or a protein supplement.

Read more…

4 Tips for Speed


If there was one quality I would always choose as a coach it would be speed. You can have big players and strong players. You can have fit players and smart players. But the truth is that speed kills. Period. Read more…

The Potential Within


Have you ever wondered if you could do something extraordinary with your health and fitness? Or maybe you watched an impressive feat or display of athleticism and wondered what that must be like? Read more…