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Healthy Meals Done for You

meal prep

On a scale of 1-10 how good is your nutrition? Or better yet, if we evaluated your nutrition in terms of the quality what number would you give it on the same scale? (assuming 1 be to poor quality and 10 would the best possible) Read more…

How to Fix a Strength Plateau


Anyone that does resistance training does so with the goal of getting stronger. Individuals coming off an injury want to get back to regular activity as soon as possible and do this by increasing the strength of the supportive muscles. Read more…

Why We Do What We Do


I’m always curious about what drives people? Especially when we’re talking about ‘the best of the best’ or impressive performances. Take professional athletes for example, they typically don’t need the money and have already won at the highest level. Read more…

The Myth of Triple Extension

Triple extension at the ankle-knee-hip

Last weekend Graeme and I had the opportunity to attend a speed coaching clinic with Derek Evely. Derek was the Leeborough Centre Director of UK Athletics from 2009-2012 prior to the London Olympic games in 2012. He has  coached a number of number of Olympic podium athletes and continues to work with some of the best hammer throwers in the world. Read more…

Okanagan Peak Performance Inc Favourite Books


One of our core values at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is education. We believe that when we are better educated it helps our clients achieve better results in less time. Read more…

Don’t Limit Your Results


Many years ago when I got started as a fitness coach I made a huge mistake. Now it wasn’t anything related to technique where somebody got hurt. And it wasn’t an inappropriate comment or action that I made. Instead it was more of a case of something I didn’t do. Read more…

A Simple Tip for Portion Control


This morning I gave a presentation to  group of business leaders. And at the end I fielded questions from the attendees. And as is usually the case many of the questions had to do with nutrition. Read more…

Post-Natal: 8 Nutritional Rules for Moms!

prenatal vitamin

prenatal vitamin


I don’t know about you, but when a woman is pregnant, EVERYONE seems to be worried about her nutrition. Read more…

What to Eat Before Training


It’s fairly common to enter a gym setting and not know where to begin. This is obvious based on the number of gym newbies that venture straight to the treadmills. Read more…